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About Our Studio



Bikram Yoga Manchester is conveniently located in the heart of the Northern Quarter, the creative and bohemian area of Manchester. The studio is set within the conversion of the former Affleck and Brown department store, the 'Harrods of the North' and is only minutes away from the transport hub of Piccadilly Gardens, Piccadilly and Victoria stations.


Built in the traditional warehouse style, the studio offers a bright, airy space; a large reception area including a Yoga Boutique; large changing rooms with numerous showers. We also have a large comfortable seating area where you can have a drink and relax after class!



The hot studio is mirrored and heated to 105 degrees, which is the correct temperature to enjoy a pure Bikram Yoga experience. A state of the art heating system maintains the correct balance of humidity and temperature, using heat exchange technology to reduce energy consumption, whilst ensuring the correct levels of fresh air. As you wash the toxins away, you will enjoy spacious WC and changing facilities, with showers, hairdryers and mirrors to see how great you look after class...



After teaching at studios all over the world we have designed our own bespoke fully integrated heating system to provide the ideal environment for practising Bikram Yoga.


Custom manufactured sensors continuously closely monitor the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels in the studio. The specially designed computerised control system makes adjustments as required based on the sensors’ reading to ensure the temperature, humidity and fresh air intake is adjusted to maintain the ideal environment.


When the heat and humidity are correct and the body has a good supply of oxygen the magic of Bikram Yoga can happen.


Our studio is highly insulated and our heating system includes heat exchanger technology to reduce heat loss and increase efficiency therefore keeping environmental impact to a minimum.


A constant air flow means the air within the studio is completely changed in under four minutes, the air is filtered and also passed through ultraviolet (UV) light technology intended to destroy pollutants (viruses, bacteria & mould) ensuring that the air within the studio is cleaner than the Manchester air outside!


Due to air movement within the studio the environment is evenly balanced throughout the studio. Some other heating methods like radiant panels or fan heaters can create hot spots, so that your head might feel like it is being zapped in a microwave but your toes are cold! 



With environmental responsibility in mind, we look for ways to conserve energy and use local suppliers.


Our investment into a state of the art heating system and insulated studio helps to reduce energy usage. We also use the latest instant hot water heating system, which eliminates the wasted energy associated with traditional water tanks where standing losses are seen.


Where possible we have installed energy efficient lighting and energy saving lighting controls to reduce energy waste.


The studio is cleaned using environmentally sound products where possible. Mirrors and mats are cleaned after each class using eco-friendly non-toxic disinfectants. 


Please help us to recycle your plastic water bottles by crushing and placing them in the recycling bins provided.


Many local students and friends have contributed to the growth and wellbeing of our Bikram studio – Thank you for your input!


Shoe Rack


Stack of Yoga Mats
Sitting Room


Vita Coco Coconut Water
Clients Checking In


Stacks of Red And White Towels