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Let us know how your Bikram Yoga practice has benefited you and we will add your testimonial here to inspire others!



















"A fantastic all-rounder 360 degrees, I've never felt better"

- Marlene



"Since doing Bikram yoga my mental and physical outlook has undertook great changes and I am feeling more positive about everything"

- David, age 21



"I started Bikram in June 2009, I originally joined to lose weight. Since starting I have lost over 1.5 stone, my confidence has grown and I am generally a happier, more focused and more positive person. Bikram is a fantastic challenge and offers a great physical cardio and mental workout. It is now a massive part of my life. The Centre is clean and very well equipped. The staff at Bikram are fantastic, tutors are knowledgeable and well trained in teaching. The yoga reception staff are always friendly and very helpful, I have also met and made new friends at class. I retired from a professional dance career 3 years ago, Bikram has helped me to regain and maintain flexibility, strength and fitness levels. I recommend Bikram to all my friends!!! I Love it!!"

- Bex Melvin, age 33



"Bikram is amazing, suited to any shape, size or fitness level. If you want the benefits of a yoga class whilst building strength, stamina and fitness it is the place for you!"

- Dr Sarah Jukes, Yoga teacher, age 38



"Bikram's yoga studio is a little bit like the magic changing room in Mr Benn I went in feeling fat, lazy, lethargic, short tempered and old but came out the other side feeling muscley and thin, calm yet bursting with energy, young and all round pretty cool."

- Ian, age 37



"I have been practicing Bikram yoga for six months now and it has been a challenge yet positive (and sweaty!) experience. The classes are tough when you first start as you try to adjust to the heat and regulate your breathing, however the hard work is outweighed by the benefits of which there are many. I have not only lost weight (I dropped a dress size in 6 weeks!) but have also noticed improvements in my digestive system, I have developed muscle and tone to my body, my appetite has levelled out and my skin is much clearer. It is great to enter the studio, let the working day go and completely de-stress. The teachers are fab and motivate you by explaining the benefits of each posture as you go along. It takes focus and discipline to keep going back and to improve your practice but I am now totally hooked and try to go to three classes a week. It's addictive!"

- Louisa Gale, age 31


"Bikram yoga gave me the core strength I was lacking in my long distance race. It has also increased concentration and helped me go through "bad time" doing a race faster. I would highly recommend it to anyone wishing to improve fitness or concentration."

- Achille Ramambason, Triathlete, age 39



"Having practiced Bikram Yoga for 5 months, I have found I now train at other sports to a higher level, have remained injury free and gained an overall body flexibility."

- David Roberts, Runner, age 37



"I started yoga in August 2009, I absolutely love it and usually try to come at least 3-4 times a week, when I don't come I feel miserable and notice my mood changes. Bikram yoga has helped in terms of managing stress, I feel calmer and more in control of my life being more able to make decisions. In terms of physical benefits it it is ideal to control weight gain, It has also helped me manage pain from a couple of old injuries, I have noticed I am gaining flexibility but also have definition for example the flaps of my arms. Bikram yoga has increased my stamina and determination."

- Mandi



"Just wanted to say - That was my first class.... I couldn't wait for the class to end yet now, I can't wait to return! For Bikram Yoga Manchester, I feel smashing!"

- Karen



"If you want to give your yoga a turbo boost - try Bikram. The practice is ideal in the cold winter months, and David rocks!"
- Justin, Campaigner, age 43



"Without a doubt Bikram Yoga is the most rewarding process I have ever been involved in. After attending only six classes (Over two weeks) the benefits are amazing! Mentally, spiritually and physically I feel fantastic. No more aches or pains in my neck, shoulders and back. My resting heartbeat has dropped from 68 to 53 BPM (Which is superb). I am sleeping better than ever and my energy levels have sky rocketed. The staff and facilities at Bikram Manchester are first rate and I would encourage anyone reading this to come along, open your mind and change your life forever. I did..."

- Phil, age 42



"My 30 day Bikram Yoga Challenge brought many benefits including my friends remarking on how I'd lost weight and my skin looked really clear! I can feel that my posture has improved and I think I have discovered new muscles in my back, I sleep more deeply and am waking feeling more refreshed. My appetite has also levelled out and I no longer have those 4pm cravings. I love the class and find it invigorating - even though the first one was really hard. The teachers are all really supportive and friendly and the benefits you feel outside the room are well worth the effort."

- Lucy, age 39



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