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Your First Class


How do I prepare for my first class?

  • Drink plenty of water before class so that you do not arrive dehydrated
  • You will burn a lot of calories so you need to eat regularly, however, practice with an empty stomach - no food at least 2-3 hours prior to class
  • Arrive at least 20-30 minutes early (to register and familiarise yourself with the studio) - after 15 mins before the start of class you will be too late to register - sorry no late admittance
  • The studio works on first come first serve basis, no bookings are required
  • This is a 90 Minute class - be prepared to work hard and sweat!
  • Wear light, gym or swim-style clothing (Women - generally wear bra top/cropped top/vest and shorts/leggings, Men - generally wear shorts/trunks)
  • You practice in bare feet, so there is no need for footwear
  • Bring 2 large towels (one to practice on, one to shower with) - we also rent towels
  • Bring a bottle of water - we also sell water
  • Yoga Mats can be rented or bought at the studio, or you can bring your own (Mesh type mats or camping mats are not suitable for Bikram Yoga)
  • Changing facilities and showers are available
  • Unlocked storage is provided for your belongings, please avoid bringing valuables with you as BYM can not be responsible for any lost items. Coin return personal belongings lockers are available for the storage of small items; keys, mobile phone, wallet/purse, etc. (Please bring a £1 coin to use lockers!)
  • Bring something to take your wet kit home in - recycle a carrier bag!
  • Flexibility is not required! It's just one of the benefits of Bikram Yoga
  • Most of all, come with an open mind!

Everyone is physically unique and should not be compared to anyone else. Initially some people may find the heat challenging, however, soon you will begin to feel the benefit. All that is asked of you during your first class is to stay in the room from start to finish, do what you can, and take in the experience. The first class is tough, but it gets easier! That's why we have an introductory offer for 30 consecutive days. Come as often as you like within that initial period and start to enjoy Bikram Yoga and its benefits. Let go of any preconceptions and just breathe. A teacher is always on hand before and after a class to answer any questions you might have.

"Every journey begins with the single step..."

– Bikram Choudhury